--The all capitalized names are my direct lineage--

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1st Generation
JEFFREY FERRIS, b:1610 in Leicestershire., Eng. & d:1666 in Greenwich,Fairfield, CT.,USA.
He first married Anne MILTON, b: (?), d:1658 in Greenwich, CT...He second married
Susannah NORMAN, b: Abt. 1606 in England and d: May 31, 1660 in Stamford, Fairfield, CT.
He third married Judith FEAKE, b: Abt. 1618 and d: 1667 in Greenwich, Fairfield, CT.

Jeffrey is thought to be the person who changed the name from DE FERRERS to FERRIS. Children:
1--Peter FERRIS, b:1636..d:1706. 1st m.Elizabeth REYNOLDS, . 2nd m.Ruth WEED..
2--Joseph FERRIS,b:1635..d:1699. m.Ruth KNAPP. 11 children.
3--John FERRIS, b:1640..d:1714/15. 1st. m.Grace PAWLING,b:(?), 2nd m.Mary
4--Mary FERRIS, b:abt.1636..d:1706/07. 1st m.Jonathan LOCKWOOD,
......2nd m.Thomas MERRITT.

2nd Generation
JAMES FERRIS, b:1643..d:1706 m.Mary.. (?) Children:
1--Hannah FERRIS, married John MEAD.
2--Mary FERRIS, Married Gershom LOCKWOOD.
3--Samuel FERRIS, married Ann LOCKWOOD, daughter of Gershom and
......Mary (Ferris) Lockwood.
4--Nathaniel FERRIS

3rd Generation
JAMES FERRIS (2), b:Dec.18,1699..d:Nov.06, 1739. m.Mary.(?). Children:
1--Mary FERRIS, married Samuel PECK.
2--Sarah FERRIS, married Jonas MEAD.
3--James FERRIS, married Mary..(?)
4--Hannah FERRIS

4th Generation
SYLVANUS FERRIS, b:Aug.10, 1737 in Greenwich CT..d:Jan 12, 1824 in
Westchester Co., NY. Married Mary MEAD(E). Children:
2--Molly FERRIS, b. Aug. 14, 1766, d. Sept. 13, 1850, m.Henry HAYES,
.....lived and died at Galway, Seneca Co., NY.. Had 7 children.
3--Hannah FERRIS, b. Oct. 23, 1768, d. Oct 24, 1846, m. Abraham RAYMOND,
.....lived and died at Charlton, NY.. Had 4 children.
4--Sylvanus (Silvanus) FERRIS, (2) b. Mar. 5, 1773, d. July 23, 1857,
.....m. Sally OLMSTEAD, removed to Norway, Herkimer Co., NY, thence to
.....Galesburg, Ill.,of which he is said to have been one of the founders.
.....Had 9 children.
5--Sarah FERRIS, b. Feb. 17, 1776, d. July 23, 1857, m. William MORGAN,
.....lived and died at Wilton, Ct.. Had 5 children.
6--Elizabeth FERRIS, died young.

5th Generation
HENRY FERRIS, b:Mar.10,1763 in Greenwich, CT..
d:March 25, 1808 in Cayuga Co., NY. Married Elizabeth HAYES.. Children:
1--Augustus Frederic FERRIS
3--Betsey Ann FERRIS
4--Austice FERRIS
5--Zipporah FERRIS
6--Margaret FERRIS
7--Harvey FERRIS
8--Mary FERRIS

6th Generation
THACHER ISAAC FERRIS, b:Jan.05, 1787 in Charleston, Montgomery Co.,NY..
d:Jan. 04, 1864 in Ira, Cayuga Co., NY. m.Betsy ELWELL, b:1792..d:1837. Children:
2--Henrietta Caroline FERRIS, married Martin I. VAN BUREN.
3--James Jackson FERRIS, married Mary GOODRICH.
4--Charles Thacher FERRIS, married Jane UNDERWOOD.
5--Juliet Mariah FERRIS, who died unmarried.
6--Betsey Adeline FERRIS, married Lumen BARNES.
7--Harvey Darius FERRIS, married Helen Mar VAN DOREN.
8--George Elwell FERRIS, married Helen Mar OLNEY.
9--Luthur Barnes FERRIS, who died unmarried.
10-Cynthia Eliza FERRIS, who died unmarried.
11-Stephen Augustus FERRIS, born July 15, 1842, died March 11, 1843 at age 8 months.

7th Generation
HENRY HAYES FERRIS, b:July 18, 1810 in Ira, Cayuga Co., NY..d:Jan.29, 1877 in
Reading, MI.. m.Hanna(h) TERPENING, b:1813..d:1899 in Reading, MI.
Hanna(h) was the dau. of Lucus TERPENING (d.April 25, 1842 in Ira, NY)
and Jane FAILING (VEILING - FEHLING - VELLING). Lucas & Jane were married
in Nov. of 1797.
Children of Henry and Hanna(h):
1--Cynthia FERRIS, born Mar. 16, 1834, in Rose, NY.
2--Augustus Harvey FERRIS, born April 17, 1836, in Ira, NY.
3--Jenette FERRIS, born on Feb. 14, 1849, in Reading, Hillsdale Co., MI.
4--EMMA ANNETTE FERRIS, born on Dec. 7, 1838, near Meridian, NY (Ira?).

8th Generation
EMMA ANNETTE FERRIS, b:Dec.07, 1838 near Meridian, NY (Ira?)...d:Feb.21, 1926 in Reading, MI.
Married EBEN HOWARD DUNTON, b: ? d:May 18, 1914 in Reading, Hillsdale Co., MI.. Children:
1--Mrs. Nellie DUNTON Mudgett of Carlsbad, NM.
2--Mrs. Cynthia DUNTON Bennett of Portland, OR.
3--Mrs. Edith DUNTON White of Newberg, OR.
4--Mrs. JULIA ANN DUNTON ADAMS of Branch Co., MI.
5--Eben DUNTON of Santa Barbara, CA.
6--Ferris DUNTON of Alagansee Twp.,Branch County, MI.
7--Alpha James DUNTON of Reading, MI.

9th Generation
JULIA ANN DUNTON, b:1870 in Hillsdale Co.,MI..d:1947 in Reading, Hillsdale Co., MI.
Married CLARENCE FAY ADAMS, b:Sept.21, 1870..d:1948 in Reading, Hillsdale Co., MI. Children:
1--Roland Ernest ADAMS, b:May 1, 1896..d:1975 in Coldwater, Branch Co., MI.

10th Generation
LYLLA MAY ADAMS, b:May 16, 1899 in Montgomery, MI..d:June 01, 1992 in Coldwater, Branch Co., MI.
Married ARLIN MERLE VANCE, b:Dec.27, 1896 in Branch Co., MI..d:Aug.04, 1972 in Coldwater, Branch Co., MI. Children:
1--Leland Adam VANCE

11th Generation
Leland Adam VANCE

12th Generation & beyond...see VANCE FAMILY TREE

I am *particularly in need of* the Jeffrey Ferris (De Ferrers) immediate
ancestry.Also, there are many blanks (spouses,children, dates, etc.) which I hope to
be able to fill. I hope we can help each other. Thank you very much.

NOTE:...There are many more ADAMS names in the BLANCHARD FAMILY TREE.
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