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PIERRE JEAN BLANCHARD-1555 to c.1610 (Not Proven)
Pierre Jean BLANCHARD was probably born in Calentine, Penins, France.. He also
was in Manche, Cap de la Hague,. and Normandy Province. There were 4 sons:
...Pierre (Peter) BLANCHARD-(oldest)-settled around Halifax,.Yorkshire.
...John BLANCHARD-shows him staying in Wiltshire.
...Joseph BLANCHARD-came to America in 1637

THOMAS BLANCHARD-1600 to May 21, 1654
The first wife's name was Elizabeth (?) and some records show that he was married
by 1618. Thomas then second married Agnes BENT (BARNES)in 1637.
Thomas third married Mary SHRIMPTON,.d:bef.Apr.,3,1676, of Noddles Island (Charlestown).
Thomas was born in France (probably Lorraine) and went to England, undoubtedly
during the French Huguenot migration. He had 4 sons born in England and 1 son,
Brent,born at sea. His 1st wife passed away and Thomas married Agnes BENT
who was a widow with one son, *Richard BARNES, Jr. They all,with Agnes' mother,
sailed from London on June 23, 1639 on the the ship Jonathan. During the voyage,
Agnes, her mother, and the baby **Brent,all passed away. Thomas and his 4 living
sons eventually arrived at the harbor in Boston, MA. (Possibly they sailed
on April 12th, and arrived on June 23rd.)
The known living children were:
--*Richard BARNES, Jr went to Sudbury, MA, to live with his maternal Uncle
........upon arriving in the US.
--**Brent BLANCHARD(Died a few days after being born, at sea.)
1--George BLANCHARD, b:c. 1617 in Eng., d:Mar. 18, 1699/00 in Medford,
........Middlesex,MA., m. Elizabeth MILLS circa 1633..Son: Joseph BLANCHARD.
2--Thomas BLANCHARD,b: c. 1625 in Eng., d: Feb. 14, 1650/51 in Medford,
........Middlesex,MA.,m.Anne ROLFE.
3--Nathaniel BLANCHARD, b: c. 1636 in Hampshire, Eng., d:Aug. 27, 1676 in
...........Weymouth,Norfolk, MA. m.Susanna BATES..Children:
...........John BLANCHARD, b:Mar.27,1660
...........Mary BLANCHARD, b:Dec.01,1662
...........Nathaniel BLANCHARD, b:Sep.25, 1665
...........Edward BLANCHARD, b:June 07, 1668
...........Mercy BLANCHARD, b:Apr.14, 1674
4--SAMUEL BLANCHARD,b: Aug. 06, 1629 in Hampshire, Eng., d: April 22, 1706 in
...........Charlestown,MA.,m.Mary SWEETSER on Jan. 03, 1654/55, second married
...........Hannah DOGGETT.
Thomas and his sons lived for a time at Braintree, MA, and at Malden, MA. In 1651
he purchased for 200 pounds a house with 200 acres of land along the Mystic River
at Charlestown, where he died May 24, 1654, aged 54 years. This proves his birth
to be in 1600.
Other records show that he was a Huguenot, and a descendant of Alain BLANCHARD
of Rouen, France who was a patriot of 1418.

SAMUEL BLANCHARD-Aug. 06,1629 to April 27,1707
Samuel was born in Hampshire, Eng. and died in Charlestown, Mass. He first
first married Mary SWEETSER on Jan. 03, 1654/55 and she died Feb. 20, 1668.
He second married Hannah DOGGETT on June 23, 1673, Hannah died July 10, 1725.
Hannah was the dau. of Thomas Doggett of Marshfield, Mass. Samuel moved to
Andover, Mass. in June of 1686 where he became a large land owner and held
several town offices.
They had 10 children; one of them named THOMAS BLANCHARD.

THOMAS(LT?)BLANCHARD-April 28, 1674 to March 17, 1759
Thomas,first married Rose HOLMES on Mar. 22, 1698/99 in Andover, MA.
Rose died in 1714. He second married Hannah COWAN whose 3rd son,
NATHANIEL BLANCHARD, becomes the next branch. He third married
Mrs. Judith HILL on Feb. 21, 1726.
Thomas Blanchard and his father, Samuel, are much mentioned in
the town and church records of Medford, MA.

NATHANIEL BLANCHARD-Feb.02,1718/19 to Dec.09,1805
Nathaniel married Rebecca ABBOT.
Nathaniel lived on a plantation called ROADTOWN, which in 1751 was
incorporated as Shutesbury, Franklin Co., MA.
His farm was conveyed to him by his father in two deeds, the first one dated
Feb. 3, 1745 and is recorded at Greenfield, MA. This proves the line
of descent.He had 9 children, one of them named AARON BLANCHARD.

AARON BLANCHARD-Nov.26,1760 to Aug.02,1848
According to the diary of his wife, Olive ASHLEY (Blanchard),there was
recorded the birth of 13 children, their marriage dates and deaths. There
is a record at Shutesbury, MA. where he lived, of his enlistment
into the Revolutionary Army, and the service of 3 years.

EBENEZER ADAMS-b: ? d:Oct.18,1873
Ebenezer married TIRZAH BLANCHARD who was born April 08, 1802 and died
July 04, 1867.Ebenezer and Tirzah Blanchard started out in Vermont, later
went to Mass., then to Canada, to Green Springs, Colorado. In March of
1840 they moved to California Township, Branch Co., Michigan,
(Halls Corners) and made a home in the wilderness where they
spent the rest of their lives.

They cleared a fine farm and built good buildings. The house having such sturdy
hand-hewn beams, joists, studding and diagonal supports to walls as to make a
real problem for the electrician to run his wires almost 100 years later in 1937.
A grandson, Edwin R. ADAMS lived there for many years.
Ebenezer's forge (or smithy) was also famous for its excellent work, serving many
miles of wild country as it became settled. To them were born 6 sons and
6 daughters, (6 died when very young). They never had but 5 for very long
at a time, for when one was born, soon one would be taken. Only 3 outlived
their parents, IRA ADAMS, Charles ADAMS, and Caroline ADAMS.Tirzah's brother,
Aaron, and sister, Lucinda, lived with them.
This record is taken from Lucinda's diary and from gravestones in
Buckhorn Cemetery at West Reading, MI.

IRA ADAMS-July 26,1834 to Jan. 22, 1910
Ira married Diana WOODWARD and they lived on a new farm adjoining his fathers
(Ebenezer) farm in Branch Co., MI. They continued successful farming,
looking well to the needs of his family of 8 children.
The 6 living children were:
1-Chester Eugene ADAMS
2-Clyde Noel ADAMS
3-Nettie Adell ADAMS
4-Edwin Roy ADAMS
5-Stella Elvina ADAMS

C. FAY ADAMS, born Sept. 21, 1870 in Branch Co., MI., died in 1948 in
Reading, MI. He married Julia Ann DUNTON on March 10, 1892 in Reading, MI.
Julia was born in 1870 and died in 1947 in Reading, MI.
There were 2 children:
--LYLLA MAY ADAMS, born May 16, 1899, died June 1, 1992,married
.......ARLIN MERLE VANCE on May 20, 1918.

--Roland Ernest ADAMS, born May 1 1896, died 1975 in Coldwater,MI. He married
........Fannie Ethel MOOG, born 1902, died 1975 in Coldwater,MI.
........Roland and Fannie's children are: (all born in Coldwater,MI.)

.......1.Robert Norman ADAMS, b.Mar.15,1924, m.Doris PRUSSIAN and had 2
...........children: George Roland ADAMS..b.Jan.19,1948 and Mark Edward
...........ADAMS, b.?.Robert died in a boating accident with his brother
...........Ernest Eugene at Hemlock Lake in Hillsdale Co., MI on May 28,1955.

.......2.Ernest Eugene ADAMS, b.Oct.12,1926, m.Patricia BLISS and had 1 child,
...........Lu Ann ADAMS, b.Aug.16,1954. Ernest died in the above boating accident
...........on May 28,1955.

.......3.Howard Duane ADAMS, b.Dec.25,1927, m.REIKO (June) in Japan. There is 1
...........child, James Fay ADAMS,b.Dec.8,1957.

.......4.Donald Wilber ADAMS, b.Oct.7,1925, m.Florence (?), no children.

.......5.Barbara Jeanette ADAMS, b.Nov.14,1928, d.Oct. 28, 1989.
...........m.W. Wayne RICHARD on Sept.08, 1954, and there are 4 children:
.................1.Ann Michelle RICHARD, b.May21,1955,
.................2.Jean Leigh RICHARD, b.June25,1956,
.................3.Bruce Eric RICHARD, b.Jan.19,1961,
.................4.Elizabeth Kay(Beth) RICHARD, b.Oct.23,1958 and
...................m. James SNELL in 1983--now divorced--1 child:
................. ..........James Loren SNELL., b.Aug. 17, 1983.

.......6.Lois Elaine ADAMS, b.Jan.13,1930, m.Robert RAINEY on Oct.25,1947 and
...........there are 2 children, Kenneth Wayne RAINEY, b.July09,1948
.......... and Robin Lynne RAINEY,b.Dec.31,1949.

.......7.Esther Lamoine ADAMS, b.Feb.27,1931, m.Clare RICHARD on Apr.04,1953
...........and there are 3 children. Martha Anne RICHARD,b.July09,1954, Janet Lynne
...........RICHARD,b.July02,1955, and William Andrew RICHARD, b.June29,1960.


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